More join From Dusk Till Dawn series

We've got a bit of casting news to throw your way today regarding the El Ray Network's "From Dusk Till Dawn" TV series! That last we heard was that Wilmer Valderrama had signed on to play the series regular role of Carlos Madrigal, the master villain and crime lord of the series who is a former Spanish Conquistador. Now, Additional cast members have joined the Austin-based production of the highly anticipated "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,” premiering in Q1 2014 on El Rey Network, the new 24-hour English-language cable network.

The supernatural crime saga will feature Adrianne Palicki (below; "Friday Night Lights," "Supernatural") in the newly created role of Vanessa Styles; Jake Busey (Starship Troopers, Enemy of the State, Identity) as Professor Aiden Tanner; and Lane Garrison (Bonnie & Clyde, "Prison Break") as Pete, a character portrayed by John Hawkes in the original film. The 10-episode series will serve as the first scripted original to air on the network, which just became available nationally beginning the week of December 15, 2013.

Vanessa Styles is a woman from Seth Gecko’s past; Pete is the clerk at Benny’s World of Liquor, which the Gecko brothers take over in the pilot; and Professor Tanner is an eccentric intellectual obsessed with the Mesoamerican mythology behind the vampires.

Based on the thrill-ride film, "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" is a supernatural crime saga centered around bank robber, Seth Gecko (Cotrona) and his violent, unpredictable brother, Richard "Richie" Gecko (Holtz), who are wanted by the FBI and Texas Rangers Earl McGraw (Johnson) and Freddie Gonzalez (Garcia) after a bank heist left several people dead. While on the run to Mexico, Seth and Richie encounter former minister Jacob Fuller (Patrick) and his family, whom they take hostage. Using the family RV to cross the border, chaos ensues when the group detours to a strip club that is populated by vampires. They are forced to fight until dawn in order to get out alive. The series deepens the tone of the film, adds new characters and backstories and expands the Mesoamerican mythology behind the creatures inside the club.

Busey, Palicki, and Garrison join the previously announced cast that includes: Wilmer Valderrama as enigmatic crime lord Carlos; D.J. Cotrona, who plays Seth Gecko; Zane Holtz as Richie Gecko; Jesse Garcia, who plays Texas Ranger Freddie Gonzalez, a new character created for the series; Don Johnson, who joins in a recurring role as Sheriff Earl McGraw; Robert Patrick as Jacob Fuller; Madison Davenport as Kate Fuller; Brandon Soo Hoo as Scott Fuller; and Eiza González as Santánico Pandemonium.

Adrianne Palicki

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