More on what's coming with The Walking Dead as three of the shows stars spill the beans

We are all pretty eager for THE WALKING DEAD to return, it isn’t far away now - it will be back on AMC February 12th!

Well during an interview, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun revealed a few things about the upcoming episodes and how they dealt with the conclusion of the first half of the second season. Be warned this contains SPOILERS, if you don’t want to know, don’t read on.

When asked about what the potential aftermath of the barn scene would be like, Norman and Melissa answered: Norman“That took a lot of time to shoot. When we come back, we pick up where that left off. It sucked to lose Madison [Lintz]. We really liked her. She was part of our family. We also go in different directions, after that. It’s so devastating. Shane (Jon Bernthal) built that up to a huge point that he tried to make, and it just went horribly wrong. Hershel (Scott Wilson) saw his whole family, who he thought was sick and that he could resurrect, so to speak, massacred in front of his face. Carol (McBride) saw her daughter as a zombie. A lot went down, in so many different directions. It just exploded us off, in all different ways.” Melissa“There will be divisions among the group. They will be re-thinking and re-evaluating everybody, for themselves and each other.”

How about whether their characters will have a further closeness? Norman“It does continue. Damaged people gravitate towards damaged people. Carol and Daryl are a lot alike, in that we were abused and put down for so long. Now that those elements have left us, whether we wanted them to or not, there’s something kindred that we see in each other. We look after each other.” Melissa“There is a little division that comes between the two of them, too, because of what’s happened. Carol’s reaction is to remember Sophia the way she was and move forward. In her heart, she’s come to terms with the fact that she’s not going to see Sophia again. But, it’s different for Daryl. He pulls away a little bit, to do what he needs to do, and I just don’t want him to go far. I’m concerned with him and I’m looking out for him now. Carol can’t drive by a stray she doesn’t pick up, and Daryl’s got nobody.”

How about Steven’s character getting a romantic interest? Steven“Yeah, absolutely. That was fun. What was really cool about it was that Lauren Cohan is awesome. Life and art go hand in hand. As she and I got to know each other, the characters also got to know each other, so it really just followed suit. That was really interesting. When you take a step back from it, you’re like, “Oh, crap, we don’t really know each other that well, so this scene fits perfect. Oh, now we know each other very well, so this scene fits perfect.” It was really fun.”

What change can we expect with Glenn in episode 8? Steven - “I think that’s definitely a moment where it’s an experience that Glenn goes through for himself, which is that some people that you think are right all the time, are not always right all the time, or people that you think are wrong, are sometimes right. It’s just the ability for him to come to the realization that he needs to make his own decisions. Those are the only things that you can live by, in these situations.”

How about the possibility of seeing Merle once again? Norman“Yeah, you’ll see him. He’ll come back, eventually, and he’ll probably be super-pissed. That’s going to be interesting. Is blood thicker than these new bonds he’s made? There’s going to be a lot of confrontation going on, for sure.”

I am curious to see how far along the rest of the episodes take us and whether they will follow the events of the comics, as they actually happen.

Extra Tidbit: So Merle will be seen, will he be real or a vision?
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