More viral campaign goodness for Prometheus as a new image mysteriously appears


Another day, another slice of PROMETHEUS goodness for you fine folks!

This time we have more from the viral campaign, from a little site simply titled ProjectPrometheus.com. Fans had discovered that if you type that address in and add in /Eridu you are taken to a page which asks for a password. Said password is ‘tell abu shahrain’ and you are taken to what we see above.

Now if I stumbled across this, there is no way I would have been able to work it out, I gotta hand it to people for being able to sort it out and let the rest of us know about it. But what does it all mean? What does the picture and site represent?

What does Eridu mean? Well About.com's Archaeology site had this description: The Mesopotamian city of Eridu (now called Tell Abu Shahrain) is located about 22 kilometers south of Nasiriya in Iraq, and it was occupied between about 5000 and 2000 BC, during the Ubaid through Ur periods of southern Mesopotamia. Eridu is the oldest Sumerian city known, a capital of the Early Dynastic Period, and, according to Sumerian tradition was the city that belonged to the god Enki.

What does this have to do in relation to the film? I guess we shall soon find out, as the film opens on June 8th.

Star Charlize Theron

Extra Tidbit: Have you been following all of the viral goodies from the film?



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