More "Walking Dead" Season 3 talk from series showrunner Glen Mazzara

Well folks with the production of "The Walking Dead" Season 3 in full throttle it should come as no surprise that we've been getting update after update from the hit zombie drama over the past few weeks. The fact that Comic-Con is coming up doesn't hurt either of course. Regardless of the reason, "The Walking Dead" updates just keep on rolling and that's not going to change today.

The guys over at TheWrap recently had a chance to sit down with "Walking Dead" showrunner Glen Mazzara to talk Season 3, and thankfully for us Mr. Mazzara decided to spill a few more details about the hit zombie drama. Check it:

"No. There is no safe haven in this world. I want to make that clear. At the end of our season 2 finale that farm is overtaken and that farm was that last safe haven, and there's no safe haven in that world. I want to be very clear about that. No one is safe. There is no safe haven."

"The prison itself will be a threatening, malevolent character. It is a challenge to live in the prison. And I think we've really been able to get a lot of story out of it. So it will not feel like a safe corner keeping our characters away from central action. It will really play that they are in a shark cage. Life in a prison is life in a shark cage."

To check out the whole interview head right over HERE. Be forewarned though, you'd be entering potential spoiler territory so proceed with caution.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC this Fall!

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Source: TheWrap



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