More "Walking Dead" Season 3 talk from the comic's creator Robert Kirkman

I just got finished telling you about one genre series I can't wait to return and now here I am to tell you all about another. Yeah, I'm of course talking about "The Walking Dead." Since Season 2 has ended I personally have two good friends that have started watching the series and have been completely sold. It's that easy. So if you're a fan of the show there's no denying you're stoked for Season 3.

Luckily for you today we've got the comic's creator Robert Kirkman talking shop once again with the folks over at Collider. Is there such thing as too much "Walking Dead" talk? No, I didn't think so. In the interview Kirkman (right) talks about how Season 3 will have a much larger budget and we'll definitely be able to tell. Check it:

“I think you might see a few more dollars on the screen in the third season. It’s gonna be bigger.”

“We begin filming episode 8 next week, our mid-season finale. And you know, we’re trucking along.”

“We got Merle coming back, we got the Governor, Michonne; all that stuff is known. I’m trying to think of some buzz words or something that I can slip in there that AMC won’t get too angry about. I think there is an escalation that began at the end of the second season and there’s not any kind of drop off. We kind of start off at that point and it gets a little bit bigger and a little bit crazier moving into the introduction of the Governor and all the new elements that are coming in this season.”

So there you have it folks! Just more reason to get stoked for "The Walking Dead" Season 3! The hit zombie drama returns to AMC on October 14th with a cast that includes Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Steven Yeun, Denai Guerrero, David Morrisey and Lauren Cohan.

Extra Tidbit: Which show is Sarah Wayne Callies (above) more annoying in: "Prison Break" or "The Walking Dead?"
Source: Collider



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