Morgan Creek will not be remaking The Exorcist

We're in the clear! The storm is over!

The national drama that was ignited by Morgan Creek selling off the rights to 78 of their prophecies, including THE EXORCIST, has finally drawn to a close. Following director William Friedkin weighing in on the possibility of a remake, saying that he was pretty certain that they only had the rights to the "so-called sequels," Morgan Creek has released an official statement. Well, as official as fewer than 140 characters can be:

If you're a masseuse this is fantastic news, because there are a lot of shoulders that need the nerd rage rubbed out of them. I'm glad to see this story reach a happy end, with Morgan Creek affirming their respect for the EXORCIST property that has so impacted us all.

However, they still haven't made an official statement about EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC. I've got my eye on you, Morgan Creek. No funny business.

Extra Tidbit: Are you breathing easy now that the storm has passed?
Source: Twitter



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