Morgan director Luke Scott to helm Donner Party film The Hunger

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20th Century Fox has acquired the film rights for a novel that hasn't even been written yet, setting up a cinematic adaptation of Alma Katsu's THE HUNGER based on the proposal alone. While Katsu gets to work on writing the book, which will be published by G.P. Putnams Son and was created by content developer Paper Lantern Lit, Fox is already teaming with Ridley Scott's production company Scott Free to develop the movie.

Scott's son Luke Scott, whose feature directorial debut MORGAN (pictured above) will be released on September 2nd, is attached to direct THE HUNGER, which is said to be 

a riff on the historical tale of the Donner Party, infusing one of the more spectacular and bizarre tragedies in American history with a Walking Dead-style twist.

So I guess the Donner Party didn't just resort to cannibalism due to the conditions they were trapped in, they were actually infected by something that turned them into flesh-eating ghouls? That's what I'm getting from that description, but I could be way off.

Luke Scott won't be the first member of his family to direct a film called THE HUNGER. His late uncle Tony made a stylish vampire movie with that title back in 1983.

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Tony Scott's THE HUNGER

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