Mortal Kombat reboot scribe Oren Uziel tapped for Men in Black 4

After grossing a massive $624 million worldwide, it's no surprise that MEN IN BLACK 3 is spawning a follow-up. Sony has tapped Oren Uziel to write MEN IN BLACK 4, with all the principal players expected to return. 

Uziel is on a nice roll: he first broke out with the MORTAL KOMBAT short film that Keven Tancharoen directed, which subsequently led to two web series and plans for a feature film (which Uziel is writing as well). His spec script THE KITCHEN SINK, about vampires and zombies teaming up to battle aliens, enters production this summer.  Plus he's got the adaptation of FORGOTTEN on his plate. Oh yeah, he's also writing the sequel to 21 JUMP STREET, just for good measure. 

No plot details are available yet, of course, and the movie won't likely hit theaters until 2015 at the earliest. Hopefully they have the script locked down before they start shooting, unlike the last time

MEN IN BLACK 3's Alice EVe

Extra Tidbit: Are you interested at all in a fourth MEN IN BLACK?
Source: The Wrap



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