Review: Forgetting the Girl (directed by Nate Taylor)

Forgetting the Girl (directed by Nate Taylor)
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PLOT: Photographer Kevin Wolfe is trying to forget his awful past. He is trying hard to find a girl who can help him forget, but things aren't going so well. He strikes out often, adding more women to the list of things he wants to forget. Of course, his assistant is in love with him but can't bear to tell him. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Kevin's about to get in deeper than he thought.

REVIEW: Although not necessarily my favorite type of flick, I was won over by Forgetting the Girl and will happily say that it has all of the right things in the right places. It's rounded out with a good cast and dark, gritty cinematography of the Big Apple. It's really worth noting that this flick has a great, big budget look and feel to it. The city seems to come to life in the lens, and really plays an important role in the flick's development.

Chris Denham is great as Kevin Wolfe (in fact, most of the cast is just terrific) and it's up to the viewer to decide- is Kevin a smooth player, or a bit of a dork who can't get it together? The guy plays the role with good emotional depth, and has a great screen presence that evolves as the film goes on. The guy really sells his emotional torment well and is totally believable in his constant srtuggle. Impressive stuff. We all try to repress horrible things from our past, and Kevin has to overcome the death of a loved one that isn't easy to get over. Kudos to this gentleman, he fits in well and is just great here. Can Kevin ever learn to love someone else?

You're not really going to know what you're getting into with this one. I liken it to hopping on a roller coaster, except once you get up the hill, the rest of the damn thing is in the dark and you are forced along with the ride. Know that if you are shy about violence, you might want to avoid this one as it does get nasty and doesn't let up. Witnessing Kevin's character trying desperately to connect to someone is both heartbreaking, fascinating and thought provoking.

What I really liked about this flick is that it seems to lead you somewhere, but then jolts you in another direction. You might think this is a harmless sort of romantic drama, but things start to feel a little tense and you'll be pulled away from your sense of security before you realize what's going on. In fact, this one is such a genre buster that to give away too much would be a crime. The last third of this film is so twisted and gripping-you'll never see it coming.

So, there you have it. This one has stuck with me since I watched it the first time and I haven't really been able to shake it. It's well acted, it looks beautiful, is filled with "did I just see that" subliminal moments and packs an ending that doesn't let up. It isn't for all tastes, and the pacing can throw you off, but this is a genre-bending movie that deserves your attention.

Know that Forgetting the Girl isn't exactly a movie that'll leave you feeling good when you're done with it. It haunted me and will likely do the same with you. As this movie seems to teach, it's tough to forget the horrible things we witness. Find it, watch it.

Extra Tidbit: Visit the film's official site here: http://forgettingthegirl.com/



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