MPAA tags Piranha 3DD with official rating...take a big fat guess what it is!

In quite possibly the least shocking news this side of Whitney Houston's autopsy...the MPAA has tagged PIRANHA 3DD with an official rating. Guess what it is!

Nope, it ain't PG. It's not PG-13. It's not NC-17, though that would be pretty rad. Nope, PIRANHA 3DD has caught the inevitable R-rating. The reasoning? “sequences of strong bloody horror violence and gore, graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use.” Altogether now, HELLS YEAH!

Swimming at us June 1st, theatrically and on VOD:

Having awoken from their spring break extravaganza at Lake Victoria, the swarm heads upstream where they look to make a meal out of Big Wet, a local water park where when it comes to fun, nobody does it wetter! Thought they came to get wet, get loaded and get some, the staff and patrons get more than they bargained for when they must face the fiercest, most bloodthirsty piranhas yet. Lead by the strong-willed, studious Maddy and her friends, Barry and Kyle, the trio must dive in and take on these man-eating creatures using every ounce of their being... but can they be stopped?

Danielle Panabaker, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, Katrina Bowden (below), David Koechner, Gary Busey and David Hasselhoff all strive for survival.

Extra Tidbit: You gonna try and see the DDs in the theater?
Source: MPAA



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