MTV takes a behind-the-scenes look at Texas Chainsaw 3D

Say kids, have you ever wanted to know what hot actress Alexandra Daddario thinks about the direction TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is taking the franchise? Would you like to hear that other super hot chick Tania Raymonde talk about her experiences on set? Ladies, how would you like that sexy Trey Sognz character to talk about running around and screaming a lot? Then youngsters, do I have an aesthetically pleasing video for you.

It's MTV's behind-the-scenes look at TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. As expected, it's a total goddamn puff piece, but it does give us a bit of a clearer idea of what the filmmakers are going for. Which, in my opinion, seems to be something similar to the Platinum Dunes CHAINSAW set within the timeline of the sequels to please us old school fans. Oh, and at one point, Trey Songz admits the best time he had on set was during a make out session with Alexandra Daddario. I assume that occurs onscreen, which tells me his character's probably gonna bite it at some point in the film. You don't just get to do that without repercussions...

TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D hits theaters hits theaters January 4th. It stars the aforementioned Daddario, Raymonde, and Songz (I feel like an asshole every time I add the "z", thanks Trey) along with Scott Eastwood, Bill Moseley, Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns, Tobe Hooper, and Dan Yeager as Leatherface. TAKERS director John Luessenhop directs. Enjoy the video and all its sex appeal below.

Extra Tidbit: The guy pictured with Daddario above can totally concentrate on whatever she's saying in the scene. No, really, he's a total pro, I swear...
Source: MTV



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