Mysterious home-invader plagues Clive Owen & kids in new Intruders trailer

Haha, Hollow Face. That's what the villain of INTRUDERS is called, you know, the Clive Owen starring thriller about a mysterious home-invader tormenting his daughter. Well folks, try to cop a better glimpse at Hollow Face in the newly cut trailer below.

To be honest, I'm starting to get the feeling that, even though Daniel Brühl seems to be credited as the villain, I wouldn't be surprised if a major twist in the film reveals Owen's character to be Hollow Face. I could be way, way off...but something in the new trailer made me think this. If that was be design to throw off the scent of the real culprit, props to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and company for the misdirection. Then again, it's hardly a radical theory given it's Owen's face that is hollow on the newest one-sheet.

Also featuring Kerry Fox, Pilar Lopez, Carice van Houten (below), Adam Leese, Imogen Gray, Ella Hunt, and Mark Wingett :

Though no one can see him, Hollow Face lurks in the corners, desperately desiring love but only knowing how to spread fear and hate. He creeps into the life of John Farrow (Clive Owen) after Farrow’s beloved 13-year-old daughter Mia (Ella Purnell) is assaulted in their home. The line between the real and the imaginary blurs as fissures start to open within the family unit. It seems that no security measure can keep Hollow Face out.

INTRUDERS is set to screen at SXSW on March 13-15. The film then goes wider in the U.S. March 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone lending credence to my Owen is Hollow Face theory?
Source: IMDB



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