Nate Corddry gets avuncular for Muschietti's Locke & Key

Nate Corddry

The casting process for director Andy Muschietti's Hulu pilot Locke & Key continues, and after two announcements that Muschietti would be bringing two IT cast members along with him, we've now caught word of a new cast member who wasn't in the Pennywise flick.

That new cast member is Nate Corddry, who has quite a bit of television experience. He has been on multiple episodes of the shows Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, United States of Tara, and Mom, and even had a brief stint as a correspondent for The Daily Show. He also appeared as a graffiti artist in last year's GHOSTBUSTERS reboot.

Based on the IDW comic book created by Joe Hill, Locke & Key will follow 

three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Maine with their mother Nina only to find the house has magical keys that give them a vast array of powers and abilities. Little do they know, a devious demon also wants the keys, and will stop at nothing to attain them.

Hill developed the Hulu series with Carlton Cuse (Lost, Bates Motel), who will serve as showrunner.

Corddry's character is Duncan Locke, the uncle of the Locke children. He "does what he can to ease the family's pain after his older brother's murder, and he and his boyfriend, Brian Rogers, help Nina and the kids settle into the old family home. Duncan doesn't seem to think that there’s anything wrong with the house, but he possesses a few critical secrets..."

Corddry's co-stars will include Frances O'Connor as Nina Locke and those two aforementioned IT actors, Jackson Robert Scott and Megan Charpentier, as Bode and Kinsey Locke.

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