Neomorph vs Xenomorph fight scene was cut from Alien: Covenant

And here I thought we were finally finished with all this ALIEN: COVENANT news. Guess I was wrong. That said, the following story is more in the realm of a rumor than say cold hard fact, so I guess we don't have to call it "news" if we don't want to.

If you saw ALIEN: COVENANT in theaters this past summer I have some pretty cool news about a potential scene that never made its way to the editing room. If you didn't see ALIEN: COVENANT in theaters this summer, beware, this post contains SPOILERS.

That out of the way, the scene in question is one that would have pitted the Neomorph against the Xenomorph in a battle royale that'd make the Predator wish he'd been invited. The scoop comes to us from Alien-Covenant.com so I guess you could say it's a reliable source... All the same, take the following bits with a grain of salt.

Neomorph vs Xenomorph battle royale rundown via Alien-Covenant.com:

Originally the Neomorph was going to be the one chasing Daniels and Lope and during that chase scene, the Xenomorph would have revealed itself, attacking the Neomorph and asserting itself as the dominant Alien lifeform. The scene was meant to convey just how much larger and nastier the Xenomorph was compared to the already aggressive Neomorph.

The site then goes on to say that the scene didn't end up even being filmed properly because the practical suits the stunt actors wore got in the way too much. To which I call bullsh*t because we all know that if the filmmakers really wanted that scene in there, they would have just shrugged after 10 minutes of trying the practical approach and told the nerdy kid in the corner to fix it with CGI in post.

All the same, I would have loved to see the scene described above play out. It reminds me of JURASSIC PARK where T-Rex "saves" the heroes by eating the Raptors. But I guess the scene was too cool for ALIEN: COVENANT so in regards to the neomorph they just said, "Whatever, just have Dr. Manhattan shoot it in the head."

ALIEN: COVENANT is already available for pre-order on Blu-ray so maybe we'll see (a version of) the scene included in the special features. Until then let us know what you think of a Neomorph vs Xenomorph rumble on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

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