Neve Campbell talks returning to Scream

As most of you, I think, know by this point, Wes Craven's SCREAM is my favorite horror movie of all-time. I saw it way too young and it had a life-changing effect on me. After all, before that time, I was scared to watch even the Halloween specials on TV (sometimes) but after that, my love of horror was kick-started and -as you can see - it has only grown and flourished since.

And it is with this in mind, I'm always looking for news on further entries in the SCREAM series. Usually, sequels are bad news but when it comes to the SCREAM films (almost) all of the sequels are just as top-notch as the original, especially SCREAM 4, which I think is fucking great.

But how does franchise star Neve Campbell feel about returning for a possible SCREAM reboot and/or SCREAM 5? Well, the actress has been out and about promoting the new The Rock flick SKYSCRAPER and during one of her recent interviews she was asked just that question. 

Neve Campbell on returning for more SCREAM:

Well you know I think it would be challenging because Wes Craven passed away and he was the reason those movies were so good. I mean obviously Kevin Williamson wrote brilliant scripts but you know Wes was the heart of the thing and he was what kept the dynamic consistent. I think it would be difficult to work with another director. But you never know, you never know. 

I get what Campbell is saying in regards to Mr. Wes Craven. After all, I consider his work on the original SCREAM to be the single best piece of horror-directing I have ever seen. It would be sad to see the series continue without Craven, but I love the series so much I can't help but hope a talented filmmaker comes along soon and gives the series new life. 

You can watch the entire interview with Campbell below if you want. The part regarding SCREAM begins at 3:13. Also, below you can check out a video I shot myself at Spooky Empire a few years back with Campbell and her co-stars Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich remembering Craven. It's pretty heartwarming stuff. Plus there's a pic of me and Campbell. Lame, I know. But I'm putting it up all the same. 

The happiest moment of my life.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite SCREAM sequel?
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