Neve Campbell toplines dystopian sci-fi thriller Division 19

Neve Campbell is goin' all Death Race with her new film, a dystopian sci-fi thriller called DIVISION 19, which just commenced shooting in Detroit. The film takes place in futuristic society where online viewers determine the fates of members of the burgeoning prison population.

Here's the full synopsis:

DIVISION 19 is set in a future where the burgeoning need for social control has led to mass-criminalization. With jails overflowing, the Central Control have brought in a data-warehousing specialist who has turned the jails into online portals allowing citizens to monitor felons and vote on what they eat, wear, read, watch and when they fight. By far the most popular and downloaded felon is Hardin Jones - used 24/7 to sell everything from jeans to beans.

When Jones escapes, he wants just one thing: His anonymity. But a group of crypto-anarchists who have taken on the State need his influence to help their cause. Hardin isn't interested. He just wants off the radar. Until he finds out the architect of the prison complex is planning on rolling out Panopticon TV to a whole new town. And the first resident of this new experiment town, will be Hardin's brother Nash.

Campbell will evidently play Nielsen, the woman who runs all the jails.

Clarke Peters (The Wire) and Jamie Draven co-star in DIVISION 19, which is being directed by Suzie Halewood.

Source: Screen Daily



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