New Annabelle: Creation poster is the best yet

It was only the other day that we shared with you guys the fact that David F. Sandberg's ANNABELLE: CREATION currently holds an impressive 100% score on RottenTomatoes. If that wasn't impressive enough, today we have an all new poster to share.

The new poster is simple but creepy and effective. It features a little girl sitting down to tea with the horrific doll herself, ANNABELLE. Add in more than a few strategically placed crucifixes and we have an image that is bound to give school children a few nightmares after they peep it up in their local multiplexes.

The poster (which you can, of course, see below) is obviously a foreign poster so I guess it must have been deemed a bit too scary for American audiences and multiplexes. But maybe not. I mean any poster with Annabelle's mug on it is going to stain the brains of the youth so I guess this one is no worse than the rest.

It's just my personal favorite. What do YOU think of this new ANNABELLE: CREATION poster? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram

You can read Jimmy O's review of the flick HERE and then get ready for more CONJURING-UNIVERSE as ANNABELLE: CREATION hits theaters August 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Which ANNABELLE: CREATION poster has been YOUR favorite so far?
Source: IMP Awards



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