New anthology series Dark Wall gets started with George Ratliff's Whispers

Fourth Wall Studios premiered “Whispers,” by filmmaker George Ratliff (JOSHUA), which is the first installment in its new DARK WALL anthology, exclusively on RIDES.tv.

DARK WALL is a new online anthology of horror shorts. Combined, the episodes cover all the sub-genres of horror, from psychological thrillers to tales of the paranormal to slasher stories. A unique and distinct DARK WALL wrapper will identify each episode with an eccentric and unnerving host. Mr. Dark Wall, played by James Urbaniak, (Unforgettable,The Office, Weeds), is a disfigured paraplegic and recluse, always delighted to show another tale of madness, misery, or flat-out terror that will leave audiences scared out of their minds.

DARK WALL brings morbid curiosity to life in a way that has never before been possible prior to the RIDES platform. By delivering the scares through text, email, and even blood-curdling phone calls the RIDES features add a whole new meaning to the phrase fear factor.

Written by award-winning science fiction author Maureen McHugh, “Whispers”, the first installment in the DARK WALL anthology, centers on a father and his mentally-ill son living in an isolated farmhouse in the winter. When the father suffers a terrible accident, the son is left to cope on his own, with only the voices in his head to help him survive – but these whispers don’t seem to be his friend. “Whispers” is a story of psychological horror in which the life of a man and his young son depend on the unexplained voices surrounding them.

You can check out "Whispers" right HERE.

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