New artwork from David Cholewa's The Dark Zone!

A little while back we propped an exciting new film from director David Cholewa (DEAD SHADOWS) called THE DARK ZONE. The film, a sci-fi horror piece taking place in outer space, is headed to the American Film Market next week, and to celebrate we've got some new artwork to share. See the promo poster below in all its nasty glory!

Here's the synopsis for the film, which our fearless leader John "The Arrow" Fallon is set to have a role in.

It is the year 2066. The earth is dying. The oceans are lifeless, the ice caps barely a memory. It is a world of starving billions where fresh water and even oxygen have become increasingly precious commodities. Poised on the brink of disaster, mankind realizes that the only hope for our species is to leave our home world and move out among the stars. The United Nations colony ship MAYFLOWER is en route to a recently identified earth like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri (or 'PROX' for short) a red dwarf in the Alpha Centauri system – 4.2 light years from Earth.

The new world, christened TYCHO 7, contains both water and oxygen and, at approx. 22 degrees Celsius, a temperature capable of sustaining life. Travelling at just under half the speed of light it will take the Mayflower nine years to reach it's destination. The ship carries a crew of more than one thousand personnel, most of whom are in cryogenic suspension while a team of 40 take shifts at six month intervals to maintain the colossal space craft. Their mission is to establish the first human colony outside the solar system. The Mayflower's voyage between worlds has been long and arduous. But it is almost over. In two more years the crew will finally reach their destination.

Or so they think.... A short circuit awakens medical officer Eve Kasner from her long sleep and she claws her way from her cryo-casket to find herself in a living nightmare. While Eve has been unconscious the Mayflower has changed beyond recognition. A creeping, organic bio-mass has spread throughout the vessel, consuming the sleeping colonists and converting them into raw protein. A runaway genetic experiment initiated in the ship's bio-domes in an effort to increase the yield of the hydroponic fruit used to supplement the crew's diet and balance the craft's atmosphere has gone fatally out of control.

The rapidly multiplying mutation has grown into the Mayflower's main frame, taking control of the life support and navigational systems, setting the ship on an unknown course into the dark zone – the lightless void between stars. Banding together with a terrified handful of other survivors Eve must fight for her life against a remorseless threat she can barely begin to comprehend. Those who have not been absorbed directly into the bio-mass have begun to mutate into blind, drone like creatures, 'shamblers', whose sole purpose is to defend and maintain the craft that has effectively become a living being with a hellish, inhuman agenda. Eve's only hope is to trace the root system back to it's source, it's living core, where she will learn the terrible fate that lies in store for them and uncover a conspiracy that challenges the purpose of their mission and the continued survival of the human species. Something has gone wrong on board the colony ship. Very wrong...

In addition to THE DARK ZONE, Cholewa has THE BLACK GATE, which was co-written by Richard Stanley (DUST DEVIL, HARDWARE), in the works. You can see some gnarly art from it HERE.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of this kickass one-sheet?



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