New banner for AMC's The Walking Dead puts Morgan up front

The season 5 finale of THE WALKING DEAD left viewers on a cliffhanger, but not in the sense that it ended with the characters in a dire situation that we have to wait until the premiere of season 6 to see them escape from. The cliff we were left hanging on was a question of how two characters will be interacting when we next see them. Specifically, what will Lennie James's character Morgan Jones think of the shocking act he had just seen committed by Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes? After a season-long journey, Morgan was reunited with Rick at the worst possible moment.

It's Rick and Morgan who are the primary focus of a new banner that has just been posted on THE WALKING DEAD's official social media accounts, with Morgan being the character who is most in the foreground. From the facial expressions and body language on the banner, it doesn't look like Morgan is too happy with Rick.

To find out for sure what the situation between Rick and Morgan is, and what life for everyone will be like at the Alexandria Safe-Zone now, we'll have to wait until THE WALKING DEAD season 6 episodes start airing on AMC in October.

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