New clip from The Road won't leave you breathless

If you happened to enjoy the recent red band trailer for the Filipino horror flick THE ROAD, then we might have something else to catch your interest - a brand new clip from the movie. Admittedly, it's pretty short and - not to sound like a creepy pervert - ends just as things start to get interesting. But hey, just another little tidbit to get you intrigued about the actual movie and it does a decent enough job of that. Check it out below.

THE ROAD tells the story of a twelve-year-old cold case that is reopened when three teenagers vanish while traversing an infamous and abandoned road. As investigators try to find leads to the whereabouts of the missing teens, they also unearth the road’s gruesome past that spans two decades – a history of abduction, crimes and murders.

The movie stars Carmina Villaroel (below), Rhian Ramos, TJ Trinidad, Barbie Fortenza, Lexi Fernandez, Derick Monasterio, Alden Richards, Louise de los Reyes and Renz Valerio. It opens on May 11th in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington D.C.



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