New Diag.Death clip

So a moth ago we had a pretty amusing new trailer for the New Zealand horror/comedy DIAGNOSIS DEATH. And now, to further raise awareness for the picture, we’ve got a tight new clip from the film which, as always, you can find underneath!

In said clip, we find Rhys Darby (Murray of “Flight of the Conchords” fame) arguing semantics with a terminally ill patient. The patient wants a direct answer, so of course the good Doc runs the poor lad in circles, doing so in the most non-reassuring way. As far as anything macabre goes, there’s not much in the clip. But the movie is a horror comedy, and Darby definitely brings his brand of humor to the table (an acquired taste as it may be).

Written by Raybon Kan with director Jason Stutter, DIAGNOSIS DEATH finds:

A supernatural force bringing together 2 lost souls united by their love of literature who after a sinister twist of fate are diagnosed with terminal cancer and the pair are sent to an experimental drug-testing facility run by a creepy Doctor (Bret McKenzie). When the facility is locked down for the weekend and the drugs begin to take effect, the human guinea pigs begin to experience ominous hallucinations pointing to a horrific murder. Unsure of where reality stops and the drugs have taken hold, the apparitions become more threatening and the only way to leave the facility alive is to discover the truth about the haunting dark secret.

Get your laugh on (or not) below!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone a fan of "Flight of the Conchords" (and guest star Rachel Blanchard, above)?
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