New Line hires Dan Trachtenberg to helm Y The Last Man

After years of gestation, it seems New Line is finally moving forward with their adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn's comic book series Y THE LAST MAN.

Commercial director Dan Trachtenberg has been chosen to direct the film. He grabbed the spot based off the success of his short PORTAL: NO ESCAPE, a fan film based on the Valve video game series of the same name. Trachtenberg will be working from a script by Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia.

Y THE LAST MAN is being produced by Binderspink and David S. Goyer. Stay tuned for further updates on the production and, if you're not familiar with Trachtenberg's work or Vaughn's series, check out the short film and series synopsis below.

A young escape artist and a Capuchin monkey become the only male survivors of a deadly plague that kills every mammal possessing a Y chromosome.

Extra Tidbit: Shia Labeuf was, at one time, attached to play the title character (it did not come to pass).
Source: Deadline



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