New photos and synopsis for Spiders 3D crawl in

From director Tibor Takacs (THE GATE) comes SPIDERS 3D, a giant creature feature that picks up when a new species of spider is discovered in after a derelict Soviet space station crashes into Manhattan. Yeah, just a nother one of those scenarios... The film is about to get its world premiere at the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival (did you know there was such a thing?), so in order to prepare you accordingly, we've got a couple of new images, a new poster, and a startlingly long synopsis from the horror piece right here!

SPIDERS 3D stars Patrick Muldoon, Christa Campbell, William Hope, Pete Lee Wilson, Jon Mack and Sydney Sweeney.

Here's that synopsis:

The body of an MTA subway worker is discovered after the satellite crash and his death ruled an accident. JASON COLE (Patrick Muldoon), the MTA line supervisor, is given clearance to re-open the station by a group of government agencies coordinated by COLONEL JENKINS (William Hope) and Russian scientist DR. ARANOV (Pete Lee Wilson).

When Health Department inspector RACHEL COLE, Jason’s ex-wife (Christa Campbell), examines the subway worker’s body she finds strange eggs incubating. During cleanup up of the crash site Jason discovers a giant spider's nest filled with egg sacs.

Colonel Jenkins and Dr. Aranov immediately take control of the situation and put out a cover story that a deadly virus has broken out. Everyone is evacuated and Jason is denied entry into his subway station. Their true agenda is soon revealed as they set out to capture and experiment on the oversized creatures hoping to harness their webbing for a new type of stealth material unlike anything else on earth.

The military, in order to preserve their top-secret research, attempt to neutralize the handful of civilians who know what’s going on. Rachel and Jason are branded as infected criminals and chased through the city. When Dr. Aranov discovers Rachel has the special queen eggs needed for the nest to flourish Jason and Rachel’s young daughter EMILY (Sydney Sweeney) is held by the military inside the quarantine zone as one of the infected.. The only way to save their daughter and themselves is to break into the quarantine zone.

While the queen hatches and grows exponentially the military fight a loosing battle to control the spider colony. They are soon over powered and Colonel Jenkins along with Arnov are killed. The now giant 60ft queen emerges from below the street and rampages through Manhattan. Orders are issued to evacuate the rest of the city just as Jason and Rachael are finally able to track Emily to the spider queen’s underground lair where she is trapped in a huge web.

During the final showdown in the subway tunnels he knows well, Jason battles the Queen to save his family and New York City.

Whew! Now you know what the entire movie is about...

Extra Tidbit: Patrick Muldoon squared off against giant bugs once before, in STARSHIP TROOPERS!



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