New pics from "The Walking Dead" show us Michonne, Merle and the Governor!

Yesterday, when we displayed some new "Walking Dead" magazine covers, I noted how Entertainment Weekly seems to get all the good first looks at the show. That stands true today as well, as EW has slapped up a handful of new images from the third season of the hit series... and fans should definitely be pleased.

As you can see, we have fresh peeks at Michonne (and her zombie friend, in a shot that obviously hasn't been worked over in post-production yet), The Governor showing Andrea the lay of the land, and Merle, who is just kinda chillin'. Then, of course, you get a double-dose of Alpha Male goodness with Rick and Daryl on the hunt for something.

You can also peep some nifty "character portraits" on the site right HERE.

I'm sure we can expect plenty more in the weeks ahead. "The Walking Dead" premieres on OCTOBER 14th on AMC.

Extra Tidbit: Which of these characters are you most excited about in the upcoming season?
Source: EW



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