New poster for serial killer Lizzie, starring Gary Busey & Corbin Bernsen

The sheer thought of seeing Gary Busey and Corbin Bernsen...The Dentist and Joshua...Roger Dorn and Commander Krill...share the screen together is an inspiration from the heavens. Luckily, we don't have to imagine such a marriage, as both appear in the upcoming serial killer flick LIZZIE. We have a new poster below for the film based on the true story of Lizzie Borden.

Directed by David Dunn Jr., from a script by Leif Holt:

On August 4th, 1892, Andrew Jackson Borden and Abby Durfee Borden were brutally murdered with an old household hatchet. The blows of the murder weapon were so violent and numerous that their faces and skulls were unrecognizably disfigured. Although acquitted, it is common knowledge that the daughter, Lizzie Borden, is responsible for the savage evil act.

The present day Lizzie Allen suffers from an extreme case of childhood amnesia which not only lays dark her childhood memories but also her relationship or lack thereof, of her parents themselves. When Lizzie discovers the news of her father's death she inherits the house she once lived in...and therefore a new place to live.

But as she begins to settle in she starts to get a glimpse of her childhood memories along with clues as to what really happened in the Borden household in 1892. We follow Lizzie's journey as she attempts to distinguish between the two and strives to reach her own sanity and happiness while doing so...

Also featuring Amanda Baker, , Shawna Waldren, Gerry Bednob, Don Swayze, Brianna Johnson, Danielle Kennedy, Eric Fisher and Cindy Baer - LIZZIE is set to premiere in the U.S. on June 30th.

Extra Tidbit: Have Busey and Bernsen appeared in a flick together before?



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