New poster for The Manson Family as it heads to theaters and Blu-ray

Jim VanBebber's THE MANSON FAMILY is on its way to the big screen as well as Blu-ray so you can experience the crazy family like never before. Severin Films announced that on May 7th the Blu-ray of VanBebber's award winning indie THE MANSON FAMILY will be hitting shelves — marking the 10th anniversary of its original release. The film will also be getting a limited U.S. theatrical run in 20 major cities that is scheduled through March and April. Just for the special occasion they created an all new kick-ass poster by artist Stephen Romano. If you're lucky enough to live in 1 of the cities that the screening will take place in you also might get the chance to see VanBebber's highly anticipated new short film GATOR GREEN which will accompany many of the screenings. Check out all the good stuff below!

On a ranch outside of LA the hippie dream is perverting into something evil. What was once an oasis of free love and acid trips has become ground zero for a madman’s paranoid visions. An average group of kids, the "Family," become engulfed in a delusional world where torment and slaughter are considered the path to righteousness. The Manson Family is a dizzying, rapid-fire vision of the sex and violence that unifies the misguided group and, at the direction of their leader, ends in a brutal spree leaving seven people dead in 48 hours. Now re-mastered in stunning HD for the first time ever in America. Extras include an all-new director’s commentary, the brand new short GATOR GREEN, the uncut version of the previously censored feature-length documentary THE VANBEBBER FAMILY on the film’s near-mythic production, and much more.

The Manson Family 2013 Theatrical Screenings

- March 22 & 23 – Clay Theatre, San Francisco

- March 22 & 23 – Esquire Theatre, Denver

- March 27 – Boston Underground Film Festival - Brattle Theatre, Cambridge, MA

- March 29 & 30 – Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema, New York City

- March 29 & 30 – Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park, Houston

- March 29 – Plaza Theatre, Atlanta

- April 3 – Granoff Center for the Arts, Providence, RI

- April 5 – Ritz Bourse, Philadelphia

- April 5 & 6 – Egyptian Theatre, Seattle

- April 12 – Logan Theatre, Chicago

- April 12 & 13 – Hi-Pointe Theatre, St. Louis

- April 13 – Cedar Lee Theatre, Cleveland

- April 19 & 20 – E Street Theatre, Washington, DC

- April 19 & 20 – Inwood Theatre, Dallas

- April 21 – Screenland Crossroads, Kansas City, MO

- April 23 – New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles

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