New promo and images for Hannibal ep. 2x04 'Takiawase', starring Hugh Dancy

Here's what I love about NBC's "Hannibal": even though the show has taken a short segue into "Law & Order" territory with Will Graham's (Hugh Dancy) trial, they still find ways to give us our weekly dosage of gore and horror, and this past Friday night's episode titled 'Hassun' delivered some of the nastiest stuff I've ever seen on television (that 'Scales of Justice' scene was rough stuff!). But on top of bringing gorehounds what they crave week in and week out, "Hannibal" continues to be one of the best written shows on TV, which is even more reason you should be checking it out.

Today we have a look at the next episode of "Hannibal", titled 'Takiawase', which is set to air this Friday on NBC. Below you'll find a promo and a handful of images from the next installment and, if you're anything like me, you've already set a place at the table for "Hannibal". Just don't let him do any cooking!

"Hannibal" ep. 2x04 'Takiawase'

“When a body is discovered in a meadow, the cranial cavity appears to have been turned into a beehive; Beverly secretly consults with Will on the mural killer case.”

"Hannibal" airs on Friday nights at 10/9c on NBC.



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