New promo poster and lengthier synopsis for British chiller Rearview

So last October E-to-the-W gave you a heads up on a British thriller called REARVIEW, directed by Avril E. Russell for Stealth Media Group. At the time, we had a shoddy promo poster and simple logline. Now? Now we have a slightly less shoddy promo poster and extended synopsis. Sound good? Let's dig in!

Starring Antonia Thomas (below), Jamie Sives, Jay Simpson, Paul Rattray, Sophie Bernice and James Floyd - REARVIEW pulls focus on:

Nicky, a young woman travelling alone to meet her band mates, through the back roads of the British countryside, who escapes the clutches of a dangerous stranger. Her road trip soon turns from bad to worse as she finds herself running for her life as she attempts to escape a serial killer and the hordes of predatory locals in the area known as ‘The Highway of Tears’. REARVIEW plans to mine a similar territory to that explored in films such as Breakdown, The Hitcher, and Wrong Turn feeding off the viewer’s secret fears of being stranded alone in a foreign, hostile environment.

Not bad, right? We all love THE HITCHER right? Tough to out-execute, but at least the inspiration is a good one. No telling when REARVIEW can be seen, even via trailer. But when we do, as always, you'll be the first to hear about it.

Extra Tidbit: REARVIEW marks Russell's feature debut behind a few shorts.
Source: AITH



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