New Saw IV trap

It seems like only yesterday that we we showed you the new 'poster' for the upcoming SAW IV (oh wait, that was yesterday), and today lookee what we have here: a brand new image to oogle over!

IGN scored the exclusive first look at this brand new SAW trap, and from all accounts, the film at least has the same 'look' of the previous flicks in the franchise. Considering director Darren Lynn Bousman is back at the helm that's really no surprise, but it's damn reassuring to see proof!

If you click HERE or on the image above, you'll be able to see the new image in all of it's glory. Chains, ice block, a poor-man's disco ball and a dude tied to a chair. I don't know what it means (except maybe, if the ice melts, the dude is hung... maybe?), except that the traps and hijinks that made the series what it is will be alive and well here. Cool.

Prepare for more news, updates and fun stuff on SAW IV as we get closer to it's October 26th release!

Thanks to Brandon for the heads up!
Source: IGN



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