New stills from Feral starring Scout Taylor-Compton and Lew Temple


Mark H. Young's FERAL just wrapped production in Los Angeles and Angeles National Forest, and to get us better acquainted with the horror pic, the director has passed along some stills for us to share. Hope they're not contagious!  

FERAL stars Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Runaways), Olivia Luccardi (It Follows, Orange Is the New Black), Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects,The Walking Dead), Renee Olstead (Unfriended), Brock Kelly (Pitch Perfect), Landry Allbright (Con Air) and George Finn (Time Lapse, LOL).

In FERAL, a wild animal attacks six grad students on a weekend hike in the woods. One by one, they become infected with an unknown virus that turns them into rabid, bloodthirsty creatures. The vacation becomes a nightmare as they fight to survive the feral animals in the woods... and each other.

FERAL is produced by John Landolfi and Mark H. Young and written by Mark H. Young and Adam Frazier. The film editor is Ethan Maniquis (Sin City, Planet Terror), and sound designer is Paula Fairfield (Game of Thrones, Sin City, Predators, Grindhouse).




Extra Tidbit: Mark Young previously directed TOOTH AND NAIL, THE KILLING JAR and WICKED BLOOD.



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