New trailer for Mathieu Ratthe's The Gracefield Incident abducts you

the gracefield incident matthieu ratthe found footage alien abduction

Back in May of last year we brought you an early look at Mathieu Ratthe's upcoming horror film THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT, a found footage film that looks like it could be a creepy and unsettling good time. I was sold on wanting to see more from THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT after peeping the first teaser trailer as it looks like it has the potential to deliver where so many other found footage flicks have failed. Especially with that last shot in the first teaser...it was creepy good!

Now we've got a second trailer for the film to share with you and it does an even better job of selling me on wanting to peep this one. Sure, found footage flicks are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, but when done right they can be extremely effective. Hopefully THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT will deliver! There's a lot to like in this latest trailer so dive into it below.

The titular incident involves a meteorite strike/UFO crash leading to some creeped-out shenanigans in the woods. Ratthe also stars, in that his is the mostly-offscreen character doing the filming. Also interesting to note is that the film was executive produced by Bryan Turner (founder of Priority Records), Pat Brisson (head of hockey at CAA) and Sergei Federov (future NHL Hall of Famer).

Matt, a video game developer, embeds an iPhone camera into his prosthetic eye to secretly record and document a weekend with friends in a luxurious mountain top cabin. The weekend takes a terrifying turn when a meteorite crashes the party forcing everyone to face the darkest, screaming nightmare while somehow connecting life, love, and loss in a twist of fear.

No word on a release date for this one but we'll keep you posted.

Extra Tidbit: Does this new trailer for THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT sell you on wanting to check this one out?
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