New trailer for monster movie Primitive, starring Reggie Bannister

A man in a monster suit goes wild in PRIMITIVE, a horror flick starring the great Reggie Bannister (PHANTASM). We actually reviewed this one for the DVD Pub a few months back, but that doesn't mean we can't show off a new trailer. Watch it below.

After punching the director of his latest horror picture, special effects artist, Martin Blaine, is compelled to seek anger management therapy. Hypnosis seems to help, but soon after his session, Martin receives disturbing news. His estranged mother has passed away under mysterious circumstances. Martin returns to Baronville, Pop. 3800, and before long, people begin to drop dead, brutally torn apart by what appears to be a predatory monster. Martin comes to believe he is somehow responsible as all of the victims are connected to him, and all of the attacks correspond with his vivid nightmares. Before long, a man who makes monsters for a living must confront his own inner demon made flesh before it rips his life to pieces.

In addition to Bannister, PRIMITIVE stars Matt O'Neill, Jeff Ryan and Kristen Lorenz. TomCat Films LLC will be repping the flick at Cannes later this month, so we'll see if we can't find some distribution news for you real soon. For now, you can check out the official site HERE.

Extra Tidbit: How do ya like PRIMITIVE so far?
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