New trailer for Under the Dome: The television event of the summer

Here's the longest look yet at CBS's "Under the Dome", the mini-series adaptation of Stephen King's epic novel. The preview includes some sweet visual effects shots, including some nasty crashes and a close call for a group of cows. The ad proclaims this the "television event of the summer", and I'm inclined to agree.

In addition, the man behind the adaptation, Brian K. Vaughan, revealed to SFX that the series alters the explanation behind the mysterious phenomenon:

There's sort of a perhaps slightly different explanation for the dome. I nervously pitched Stephen King what a different version of the ending might be ... He said, 'I wish I'd thought of that.' Which, I suspect, is just Stephen being kind."

Intriguing. Since the revelation as to the dome's origins is something of a let-down in the book (just my opinion), I'm actually quite eager to see what Vaughan has come up with.

"Under the Dome" premieres on CBS on June 24th.

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Source: CBS



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