Rose McGowan & Christopher Lloyd battle The Sound in new trailer & stills

I'll watch Rose McGowan in pretty much anything. After starring in two of the most rockin' fright flicks of all-time SCREAM and PLANET TERROR, she gets a pass, and a free-watch, out of me for any and every time she stops by our beloved genre.

Her new flick THE SOUND McGowan is heading deep under the earth and into a abandoned subway station to battle supernatural sounds (what are ya gonna do?) along with Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd.

Personally, I think the premise has mucho promise and the abandoned subway station setting has horrific horror potential. I'll be keeping an eye out for this flick in the coming year for sure. Like I said, I love Rose McGowan and Christopher Lloyd is one of my favorite childhood actors.

Let's hope he channels more Doc Brown thought than, let's say, Judge Doom... "Remember me, Eddie!?!" Nope. Nope. Nope.

Check out the full details, still, and trailer for THE SOUND below!


KELLY (Rose McGowan) is a writer and a skeptic of the supernatural. As a specialist in acoustic physics she uses low frequency tactile sound-waves to debunk reported paranormal activities for her online blog. When presented a new case of a supposedly haunted subway station Kelly sets off to uncover the truth behind the hoax that involves a 40-year-old unexplained suicide. Her investigation takes her deep into the abandoned station where her skepticism is tested. As Kelly ascends into the depths of the metro’s darkness she is confronted by an unforeseen evil. In the vastness, she must face her own haunted memories to find the truth and surface back into the light.

THE SOUND comes from the executive producer of THE RING, co-stars Michael Eklund and Richard Gunn, and is set to hit sometime later in 2017.

Extra Tidbit: THE SOUND is written & directed by Jenna Mattison
Source: Vimeo



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