New TV spot is our first look at the Tony Scott/Ridley Scott produced A&E mini-series "Coma"

Way back in December we told you guys about a new A&E mini-series heading our way called "Coma." Remember that shite? Regardless of it's all-star cast, the best thing "Coma" has going for it is that both Tony and Ridley Scott are producing. Ringing any bells?

Don't worry if you're not remembering this one, I'm about to remind you all about it with the release of the projects first TV spot! Now we can get a better idea of what's going on with "Coma." First you'll want to peep the rundown:

After her best friend falls into a coma during routine surgery, Dr. Susan Wheeler discovers similar cases at her prestigious Boston hospital. But as her investigation unfolds, Susan uncovers a horrific conspiracy - and suddenly finds herself marked for death.

Intriguing. That all-star cast I mentioned for this one includes Lauren Ambrose (below), Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Burstyn, James Woods, Steven Pasquale, James Rebhorn, Joseph Mazello, Michael Weston, Joe Morton and Geena Davis. Not too shabby, eh? But what about that TV spot?!

Well the video is a tease in every sense of the word and can be found by scrolling down below or heading over to our videos section. Tease or not I'd say this TV spot does a pretty bang-up job of catching one's attention. Scroll down and tap that shite to see for yourself.

"Coma," which comes from director Mikael Salomon and scribe John J. McLaughlin, is set to kick-off on Labor Day September 3rd at 9 PM EST before concluding on September 4th at the same time, only on A&E.

"Coma" (2012) - TV Spot

Extra Tidbit: Who's directing work do you like better: Tony Scott or Ridley Scott?
Source: A&E



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