Newest still from The Apparition has more frightened Ashley Greene

Our first article on Todd Lincoln's THE APPARITION came way back in May 2009. That's three years ago people. Three freakin' years! And all we've seen from the flick since then are a couple of stills. Seriously... two stills. What's the deal yo?!

Back in November we learned that THE APPARITION will finally be hitting theaters late this Summer and now here we are with a new look at the flick - finally! Thanks to a random Tumblr account we've got a new still from THE APPARITION which comes courtesy of MTV. What do we get in this new shot? Yet another shot of our frightened star Ashley Greene, that's what! Don't take my word for it though. Go ahead and tap that shite directly below.

The supernatural thriller follows a young couple haunted by a supernatural presence unleashed during a college experiment.

Along with Greene the supernatural romp also stars Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton and Julianna Guill. THE APPARITION will finally be hitting theaters on August 24th so I suppose we could hope for some more goods from this one in the coming months.

Extra Tidbit: Before TWILIGHT Ashley Greene (above) actually tapped our genre with the horror/comedy OTIS.
Source: MTV via Tumblr



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