Newest still from The Possession has a death stare & some creepy swing action

For a flick that's been bouncing around in post-production for a while now, Ole Bornedal's THE POSSESSION isn't looking half bad, right? Then again with flicks like this it's very easy for trailers and stills to be deceiving...

Such is the case with today's update, which offers up a very creepy still of some chick on a swing giving you the death stare. Creepy, check. Intriguing, yup. But will the flick hold up? Only time will tell. Peep the new still for yourself by scrolling directly below.

The film will follow Clyde Breneck and his 10-year-old daughter, Em, who purchases an antique box at a yard sale. With the box, Em accidentally releases an ancient spirit that has one goal: to devour her. Clyde must team work with his ex-wife to put an end to the curse.

THE POSSESSION, which hits theaters on August 31st, stars Kyra Sedgwick, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Agam Darshi, Natasha Calis (below) and Madison Davenport.

Extra Tidbit: Which long-awaited supernatural romp are you more looking forward to: THE POSSESSION or THE APPARITION?
Source: Lionsgate



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