Nic Cage will square off with The Rapture in the Left Behind reboot

Nicolas Cage has some pretty big shoes to fill as he steps into the role originated by Kirk Cameron in the LEFT BEHIND reboot. The eccentric actor is attached to star in what is a proposed trilogy of films based off the Christian novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

In case you missed our last Bible study, the sixteen-book long series chronicles the conflicts of a post-"The Rapture" Earth. Where the original trilogy of Cameron/Louis Gossett, Jr. fronted films veered more toward political thrillers, the Cage version is said to be more in the mold of a classic disaster film. Legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong is in negotiations to direct LEFT BEHIND, which looks to start shooting Louisiana next spring on a $15 million budget.

I want to believe $14 million of that budget will be going into Cage's wallet, but that's mere speculation on my part. I can't imagine a film like this getting into theaters on such a low budget, but I also didn't imagine something like FIRE PROOF doing the same. Regardless, Cage's Hollywood star power is certainly fading thanks to the actor's predilection for being in the goofiest, craziest films possible. I sort of wish he'd take one more shot at legitimacy, but then again, this attitude got him to do DRIVE ANGRY, which was pretty goddamned awesome (no pun intended, LEFT BEHIND fans). As such, should we give Cage a pass on this one... and the last five or six films he's put out? Tell us your thoughts below.

Extra Tidbit: Sherry Hilliard (above) played a news anchor in the first LEFT BEHIND. She looked simply rapturous at the time! (Ba-dump-tsss!)
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