Nice day for a Bloody Wedding, peep the trailer inside!

What do you say, a nice day for a BLOODY WEDDING or what?!?

Robert Hoover's low-budget horror outing BLOODY WEDDING premiered in LA last October, and screened two weeks ago at The Newport Beach Film Festival. As the flick drums up awareness, the trailer we have below ought to help the cause. Let's see how long it takes for a release date to be announced...

Written by Mike Merickel and Patty Sharkey:

Bloody Wedding follows a young engaged couple to a quaint lakeside mountain resort where they soon discover someone is stalking and killing the wedding party. With the body count rising, the newly married heroine must unlock the mystery quickly or spend her honeymoon six feet under.

A slasher whodunit at a wedding? Could make a fun companion piece to the zombified wedding in [REC] GENESIS. I'd be down with that!

As for BLOODY WEDDING, Ryan Sulak, Kate Murdoch, Brad Coffey, Mike Pfaff, Tawny Amber Young (below), Pason, Kurt Finney and Marguerite Insolia all appear in the picture.

Extra Tidbit: What's your most horrific wedding experience?
Source: AITH



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