Nicholas Hoult finds himself in Dark Places

WARM BODIES and JACK THE GIANT SLAYER star Nicholas Hoult looks to stay on the horror side of things as more casting news comes in for DARK PLACES. Deadline reports that Hoult (above) will join the cast of the upcoming thriller alongside Charlize Theron. Just yesterday we found out that Chloe Moretz is also in talks to star in the film as well. So far the casting has been great and I think director Gilles Paquet-Brenner might just have a hit on his hands.

Hoult would play a character named Lyle in the adaptation of the Gillian Flynn mystery novel about a woman forced to re-face the massacre of her family over two decades before. An awkward young man, Lyle is the treasurer of the Kill Club, the group investigating the case of the killing of the family of Libby Day (Theron).

Flynn's novel DARK PLACES was published back in 2009 and landed a comfortable spot on the New York Times Best Seller List for more than 25 weeks. So far, so good!

Charlize Theron

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys digging the casting so far for DARK PLACES?
Source: Deadline



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