Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney are having a rough time in Looking Glass image

Robin Tunney

When we first heard about the Nicolas Cage vehicle LOOKING GLASS last September, the independent thriller was set to mark the feature directorial debut of commercial / music video director Dori Oskowitz. As it turns out, Oskowitz did not end up directing this film, being replaced at the helm by Tim Hunter, who's best known for bringing us RIVER'S EDGE in 1986.

The director shake-up doesn't appear to have slowed the film down, though. LOOKING GLASS has made it through production and Highland Film Group is handling international sales at Cannes. While potential distributors consider picking up the rights, an image from LOOKING GLASS has arrived online to give us a look at Cage and his co-star Robin Tunney in character... and it looks like they've been going through some rough times by this point in the film.

Described as a "remarkable story of voyeurism and grief", LOOKING GLASS is about 

a couple who, after experiencing a tragic loss, purchases a desert motel only to discover a series of disturbing, unexplained events that take place within one of the frequently requested rooms.

The film was produced by Braxton Pope and David M. Wulf, with Highland's Arianne Fraser and Delphine Perrier serving as executive producers.

Being a fan of Cage, Tunney, and RIVER'S EDGE, I think LOOKING GLASS is a movie I'm going to need to check out. Here's hoping there will be some distribution news coming out of Cannes.

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