Nicolas Cage might travel the Dark Highway for director Bruce McDonald

We haven't heard a peep from DARK HIGHWAY since September, when the project was first announced. At the time, all we knew was that Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald (PONTYPOOL) was at the helm, the budget was going to be in the $25 million range, and it's about a man on the run who can't distinguish between reality and his imagination.

Now it seems as though the flick has some traction, and perhaps a leading man in the form of Nicolas Cage. Yes, everybody's favorite bug-eyed Bad Lieutenant is evidently in talks to star in DARK HIGHWAY, if you're to believe McDonald. In an interview with the Chronicle Herald, McDonald revealed that he's hoping to confirm Cage's involvement soon; the the next step after that is waiting for all of the schedules to align.

I think if anyone can nail the role of a paranoid man on the run from his own crazed imagination, it's Cage. Once we get a confirmation that he's traveling this DARK HIGHWAY for certain, we'll pass the news along.

Extra Tidbit: Cage will next be seen in GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE alongside Violante Placido (above).



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