Nightmare on Elm Street scribe Eric Heisserer to tell sci-fi thriller Story of Your Life

Big news day for sci-fi thrillers...

Moments after telling you about IN WAR THEY COME, here comes another new alien yarn. This one is a sci-fi thriller dubbed STORY OF YOUR LIFE, which FilmNation and Lava Bear Films have teamed to finance, produce and sell. Eric Heisser (NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, THE THING) penned the script, pop commercials director Nic Mathieu has been assigned to helm, marking his feature first.  Shawn Levy (REAL STEEL) will produce.

Based on the novel "Stories of Your Life And Others" by Ted Chiang:

Story Of Your Life is a mind-bending science fiction thriller with a powerful, emotional twist. After aliens land around the globe, a linguist is recruited by the U.S. government in a race to decipher their intentions on Earth.

Hmm, what do you think the emotional twist could be? You think evil intentions are proven good after-all? Vise versa maybe? Who's read the book, perhaps you can shed some shine on the nature of these Earth-bound aliens.

Extra Tidbit: Which flick sounds better: IN WAR THEY COME or STORY OF YOUR LIFE?
Source: Deadline



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