Nine join the cast of Hulu horror series Light as a Feather

Liana Liberato

It was just a month ago that Hulu announced they were giving a ten episode straight-to-series order to Light as a Feather, a series based on the supernatural thriller story by author Zoe Aarsen that has been read by more than 2.9 million Wattpad visitors. Now production on the series has begun, and the names of nine cast members have been revealed.

Created by R. Lee Fleming Jr., who is serving as showrunner, the series has the following logline: 

An innocent game of “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” goes wrong when the five teen girls who played start dying off in the exact way that was predicted, forcing the survivors to figure out why they’re being targeted – and whether the evil force hunting them down is one of their own.

That sort of supernatural slasher set-up could be entertaining, depending on the show's atmosphere. I'm hoping this will be something like an episodic FINAL DESTINATION, or darker.

The cast bringing the story to life will include Liana Liberato (pictured above) as McKenna, Haley Ramm as Violet, Ajiona Alexus as Candace, Brianne Tju as Alex, Peyton List as Olivia, Dylan Sprayberry as Henry, Jordan Rodrigues as Trey, Brent Rivera as Isaac, and Dorian Brown Pham as Deb.

I'm assuming those character names will mean something to the folks who have read Aarsen's story, which I have not.

A collaboration between Hulu, AwesomenessTV, Wattpad, and Kelsey Grammer's company Grammnet, Light as a Feather is being executive produced by Fleming, Grammer, Jordan Levin, Shelley Zimmerman, Joe Davola, Brett Bouttier, Aron Levitz, Eric Lehrman, Tom Russo, Brian Sher, and Stella Bulochnikov, with Bloodlist creator Kailey Marsh co-executive producing.

Extra Tidbit: Have you read Light as a Feather?
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