No one comes back in new Penance Lane poster

Tyler Mane, his production company Mane Entertainment and HATCHET III director BJ McDonnell are teaming up on PENANCE LANE, a horror film also set to star Daniel Roebuck, Leslie Easterbrook, Muse Watson and Renae Geerlings. The film is still in the process of raising funds, but we thought it was worth highlighting a new promo poster recently slapped up on the project's official Facebook page. See it below.

Here's the synopsis for PENANCE LANE:

Meet Crimson Matthews, an ex-con with violent tendencies, walking away from a dark past-- right smack into a much darker future. Fresh out of prison, and with few options, Crimson finds his way to a harsh town without pity; a place where industry has run dry and left nothing but despair.

Taking a job offered by the kindly Father John who runs the local parish, Crimson agrees to be the handy man in a decrepit, old mansion. Once there, he seems to have fallen back into his old, murdering ways.

We'll let you know when PENANCE LANE moves towards production.

Source: Facebook



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