No words, simply enter Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman!

"She'll slither into your soul..."

Such is the tagline for the oh-so-bad-it-demands-to-be-seen movie SNAKE CLUB: REVENGE OF THE SNAKE WOMAN, starring adult-star and crossover hopeful Veronica Ricci (below). You may remember her from the equally dubious feature, BLOODY MARY. Or not...

Anyway, SNAKE WOMAN comes from TomCat Films, directed by David Palmieri from a script by Kenny White. The flick also stars Marlene Mc'Cohen, Cuyle Carvin, Augusto Valverde and Andre J. McGuinness. Peep the synopsis and trailer for the flick below!

An ancient legend tells of Lamia a beautiful queen and adultress.... Her lover was put to death and she was transformed into a snake, roaming the earth on her belly, she murders and enslaves the innocent until the gods turn her into a stone statue... She now waits for her time to return...

No release news is known for SNAKE CLUB, outside the fact it'll hit India this June. Sounds about right...

Extra Tidbit: Ricci (above) was the April 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Month.
Source: TomCat Films



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