North Carolina fans can visit the Michael Myers house this Halloween

The Michael Myers house from John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN is an iconic structure for horror fans all over the world, but it has been moved from its original shooting location and is now the office of a chiropractor who doesn't particularly want fans traipsing around all day. Disappointed fans might be in luck, however, thanks to Kenny and Emily Caperton, a couple who have built a life-size replica of the house in Hillsborough, North Carolina where they live with their two cats (and presumably a hearty collection of horror DVDs).

In addition to cake, food trucks, and a visit from the big man Michael himself, the event will be hosting a double screening of THE MUTILATOR (with director Buddy Cooper and makeup artist Edmund Farrell in attendance) and HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH. You know they're hardcore fans for picking that one out of the franchise.

This event sounds like a slasher fan's dream come true, and best of all it's entirely free! Of course, those who don't live in rural North Carolina might have a bit of a hike ahead of them, but who could resist exploring a Myers house that isn't full of grumpy chiropractors? Check out all the details at their official web site!

Extra Tidbit: Does this awesome event sound cool enough to purchase a ticket to North Carolina?
Source: Myers House NC



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