Nostalgia ensues as Full Moon revives VideoZone

Charles Band deserves credit as one of the first filmmakers to embrace the behind-the-scenes featurette. His first foray into the format was the making-of documentary “No Strings Attached”, which was included on the original VHS of PUPPET MASTER. From there Band was inspired to create Full Moon’s “VideoZone”, a regular video magazine that buffered short documentaries with sneak previews, introductions by Band himself, and exclusive merchandise promos. With a bit of nostalgia on my mind I'm pleased to report Full Moon will be reviving this label for future DVD/Blu-ray releases.

Check out the video below for an updated version of the "VideoZone" intro. Much of the classic Full Moon footage has been replaced by more recent efforts, including ZOMBIES VS. STRIPPERS, KILLJOY 3 THE GINGERDEAD MAN, and the upcoming PUPPET MASTER X. This make sense as most of the footage on the original intro was roughly twenty years old. Regardless of how you feel about the new movies, the intro has the same music, the same weird fuzzy VHS effects, and I can’t help but get all gooey inside upon seeing it.

The revival of "VideoZone" certainly cashes in on fan nostalgia, but why not? Most of the people who continue watching these admittedly cheesy flicks are fans from way back, myself included. Uncle Charlie Band is smart enough to know his audience. The guy’s been doing YouTube Vidcasts for years now that are in the same vein as the old "VideoZone" format, so why not just give the whole thing an upgrade and get fans excited again? Check out the video below and while you’re on a nostalgia kick pre-order THE PUPPET MASTER TRILOGY on Blu-ray today.

Extra Tidbit: Most people agree that Stuart Gordon directed all the best Full Moon movies, many of which starred Barbara Crampton (above).



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