Nothing new here, Karl Urban looks like Judge Dredd in this new still

I am not sure what it is but Karl Urban looks exactly the same in every single still we’ve seen of him as Judge Dredd from the upcoming DREDD. I guess there aren’t a lot of ways you can look different being a badass behind a helmet, but I guess I’d like to see something a little different.

I have faith this will be a faithful adaptation (pun?) of the comics, the creator even gave his seal of approval. I don’t think it will take much to be better technically than the Stallone version, but that one is certainly a guilty pleasure and entertaining more than it had any right to be.

DREDD takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary. The endlessly inventive mind of writer Alex Garland and the frenetic vision of director Peter Travis bring DREDD to life as a futuristic neo-noir action film that returns the celebrated character to the dark, visceral incarnation from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s revered comic strip.

The film will hit screens in 3D on September 21st, laster this year. Click the picture below for a bigger version (from TotalFilm’s 2012 preview).

Extra Tidbit: Trailer soon? Please!!



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